Top Tips for Creating a Coastal Retreat in Your Bedroom

We’re living in an unprecedented time right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide, and we all must spend more time in our homes than ever before. Trying to adapt to this new day- to-day existence is pretty stressful for me, as I’m sure it is for most of you, too. One of the things my clients are always looking for when we’re creating their coastal retreat is comfort and calm in their finished home, and I think this is important now more than ever. Here’s a few tips on how to get the comfort and calm in your bedroom to create your own coastal retreat.

Choosing a palette of light colors will immediately create a more relaxing atmosphere. According to color psychology blues and greens are considered calm and restful while white evokes cleanliness and purity. This is why I feel the pale blue/ green palette is perfect for creating the feeling of a coastal retreat in the bedroom.

Green is said to cause less strain on your eye muscles because the eye focuses the color green directly on the retina. While blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. I think that’s a feeling we could all use right now!

Sea Color Palette
Image via Design Seeds

You can lighten your bedroom up using this palette in a number of ways. Of course, your walls is one of the main ways, and if you are a DIYer you could tackle painting your walls during the stay at home orders since most hardware stores offer paints and pickup.

If this is not a task you would take on in the best of times, you can bring the coastal calm into your bedroom in other ways, such as your bedding since the bed is usually the largest piece in the room.

create a coastal retreat in the bedroom

I also like to add warmth to this color palette through the use of textures like that of the sand. Think nightstands covered in grass cloth. Or, your bed frame in washed oak or a textures linen. Adding sandy tones keeps the room from feeling too cold and makes it feel comfortable. Your floors are another place to add texture. I love using natural materials throughout the home, and area rugs are a perfect place to add both color and texture with natural wool or sisal or seagrass. Below, I brought those natural materials into the room through wall hanging.

Another way to bring in those calming coastal elements to turn your bedroom into a retreat is through art. Having a waterscape to gaze at or photos of the ocean or even abstract art in coastal hues is a nice addition. Art that allows you to look at it and take a breath and pause is great anywhere.

You can check out tips in my video on our Facebook Page here. You will see some coastal inspired art as well as the other suggestions above.

If your not able to tackle any of these elements right now, you could start creating a plan to execute when the time is right for you. Here’s the top take-aways

  • Lighten up your room with a pale palette of whites, blues, and greens for a sense of calm.
  • Use textures in your furnishings, floor coverings, and art to add warmth
  • Choose bedding in pale hues

Are you working at home?  Are you trying to make room for you and your spouse to both work from home? Are you trying to help your kids with classes now taking place via Zoom meetings and Google classroom? Tell me how you’re managing. Do you feel like you need to create a coastal retreat?

Be well!


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