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When I decided to focus on the niche of eco-friendly home furnishings and accessories for our home furnishings store and interior design business in Southampton, NY a few years ago, it was not too difficult to find furnishings made with sustainable practices. There are many manufacturers using certified lumber, renewable, and reclaimed resources. In lighting however, it’s taken me awhile to find fixtures that would have any characteristics of sustainable production. I was thrilled when I found Ro Sham Beaux! The Malibu chandelier is featured below in a few variations.

Malibu 18"
Malibu 18″
Malibu 12"
Malibu 12″


Turquoise Malibu 18"
Turquoise Malibu 18″

What makes them eco-friendly? Three things.

  1. Their fixtures are made in the US.
  2. Their are many bead options, but the recycled glass is the eco-friendly choice. And they have several recycled glass options.
  3. Their fixtures use many natural materials like hemp and stone.

I personally am obsessed with the multitude of of seagreen color choices.

coke bottle glass
Recycled Coke Bottle Beads
teal recycled glass


Aqua Recycle Glass Beads


Ro Sham Beaux makes a perfect coastal accent in any room. You can visit their website to see all their styles, but we’ve included several of our favorites in our online shop, too.

All of their fixtures are made to order and you can really get creative with their choices. Take a look and tell me if you have a favorite.



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