Sustainable Color: So Many Choices!

Olympic paints, Natural Home

I caught a post on Natural Home’s blog, by Kim Wallace that is filled with one of my favorite coastal colors and is all about using zero-VOC paint, and I thought it would be great to share some great sources.

Kim Wallace's color choices from Olympic Paint

Zero- VOC paint is the best choice for your walls. It contains no volatile organic compounds which means the chemicals in them don’t evaporate at room temperature creating negative health effects and contributing to air pollution. If we all used zero-VOC paints in the United States, 150 million to 100 billion pounds of chemical would be stopped from being released into the atmosphere! Yolo Colorhouse is another great source for zero-VOC paint. Click here for more products facts and information on zero-VOC paint.

Yolo Colourhouse Paint

Mythic paint is another wonderful non-toxic paint that has gotten a lot of press. They have a great website full of information, too.

Mythic Paints

There are also many of the big brands of paint companies that are producing zero-VOC paints, like Natura by Benjamin Moore and Harmony by Sherwin-Williams. With so many options in zero-VOC paints, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a color you’ll love! I would love to hear which paint and color you choose.

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