Sea Green Designs featured in Southampton Press


I am thrilled to share the article by Kim Covell of the Southampton Press. She did a feature on our new e-design service. This is something I added as an additional service. We have many clients who come in our Southampton location, but are not living in our immediate area, but love our look and want our help creating a design concept for their homes wherever they may be. Our e-design service is not a new concept, nor is it for everybody. I didn’t start our e-design service as an alternative to our full design service, but rather an option for those who feel capable of handling the measuring, coordinating, purchasing, installation parts of the design process, but who need the expertise of a designer to pull the look together based on whatever budget they have. One of the most satisfying parts of coming to work everyday is hearing clients say “you have great taste” and “where do you find such great pieces.” These are a few of the things we bring to the table when it comes to design services that, even from distance, we can use to help you create a beautiful home.



I hope you’ll check out Kim Covell’s article. Let me know what you think of the concept of e-design. Would it work for you? Would it take too much work on your part? I would love to hear your thoughts.