Sandbag Scented Candles


Those classic 7 oz. candles are poured in sheer, luminescent glass vessels that can be re-purposed as beautiful votive candle holders. Candles are thoughtfully packaged in reusable canvas bags, perfect for collecting seashells and treasures. Our signature, uplifting gift tag makes the Sandbag candle a perfect gift.

Hand poured in the USA using essential oils and fine fragrance, we use a clean-burning soy wax blend with an all cotton, lead-free wick. Sandbag candles are available in all Mer-Sea & Co. fragrances. Our 7 oz. candles offer approximately 50 hours of burn time.


Cool Breeze Scent- (Minty) This refreshing scent smells as good as cool water tasted and will transport you to a day at the spa. Experience the minty and invigorating fragrance with crisp water top notes perfectly balanced with fresh herbs, woody bamboo, spearmint and peppermint.

Pique-Nique Scent– (Floral) An afternoon by the sea enjoying company, the sound of surf and the ever present ambiance of a fresh bouquet of flowers is the inspiration for this scent. Jasmine, rose, lily mixed with garden greens following by coconut, apple and wood round out this fragrant French floral.

Saltaire Scent– (Mineral) The healing powers of salty air has been known since the beginning of time and we wanted to capture that smell. Citrus, jasmine and sweet wood with a hint of rich bamboo deliver this spicy mineral scent that reminiscent of being by the sea.



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Sandbag Candle Scents

Cool Breeze, Pique-Nique, Saltaire

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