"Berry" red silk throw blanket by sustainable threads


“Berry” red organic silk throw made with sustainable textiles. Hand made by tribal and rural artisans in Northern India. Cruelty-free 100% silk.
This special silk known as cruelty-free silk (also known as Ahimsa or non-violent silk) is the most humane of all silk production practices. The cocoon is harvested after the silkworms turn into moths and vacate them. The rupture causes the long, continuous silk strands to be broken into several shorter strands. These are handspun on a spinning wheel and may have little nubs where two strands join. This process is highly valued, and offers a greater degree of fiber purity, emphasizing the natural luster of the silk. In contrast, in conventional silks, the silkworms within the cocoons are killed as part of the process.
Artisans handspin yarn, dye with low-impact, Azo-free dyes, and handweave the products on wooden pit looms. Each of these steps support local artisan livelihood.

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Size 50″x70″
100% silk
Handwoven on hand-operated looms
Hand-braided fringe
Azo free dyes
Dry clean
Crafted by tribal and rural artisans from Northern India
Fair Trade Federation and Green America certified

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