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Plastic rug for indoor and outdoor use, made in Sweden. Woven with Swedish manufactured, phthalate-free certified PVC. PVC has an extremely long lifespan. A Pappelina rug lasts for many years as long as recommended care instructions are followed. This is an important environmental aspect, Pappelina carpets are not a wear and tear product that end up being thrown away into the natural environment.

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PVC is a plastic that can be melted down and recycled. But since it is not possible to guarantee that recycled plastic is completely non-toxic, as virgin material always is, Pappelina chooses to manufacture rugs with new Swedish raw material.

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Lemon 2.75'x 5.25', Lemon 2.75'x8.5', Denim 2.75'x 5.25', Denim 2.75'x8.5', Coral 2.75'x 5.25', Coral 2.75'x8.5', Mud 2.75'x 5.25', Mud 2.75'x8.5', Warm Gray 2.75'x 5.25', Warm Gray 2.75'x8.5', Charcoal 2.75'x 5.25', Charcoal 2.75'x8.5', Turquoise 2.75'x 5.25', Turquoise 2.75'x8.5', Black 2.75'x 5.25', Black 2.75'x8.5'

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