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I am happy to announce that we’ll be hosting a Meet the Artist event in our Southampton store on July 7th from 4pm -6pm. We will have artist/ photographer Alyssa Peek joining us with many of her pieces, and of course there will be light bites and drinks to celebrate the occasion.

Alyssa’s art is available in custom sizes, there is no size too big or too small. I hope if you’re in the Southampton area, please come see her pieces in our shop or meet Alyssa on the July 7th!

Get to know more about Alyssa with the interview below and visit her website.

How long have you been creating art?

AP- I have  been an artist since childhood but started creating PhotoArt for the past 5 years. My father was very artistic and I remember painting and drawing with him as a child. I had an easel in the basement of our house and we would watch Bob Ross on his weekly art show learning how to paint a forest or  a sky. He was the best.

I always took art classes in school all the way through college. I still have some of those pieces and still love them. When a friend of mine saw my “photo art” on my computer she asked me to submit my work into a show at her store. It was the first time I had ever shown my work in public. My work was very well received at the show and I sold my first pieces there. That was the start of my career as an artist.

What inspires you?

AP- I am inspired by modern art. Mostly the abstract expressionism movement from 1940-1976 and the master painters of that time. Today in the digital world, I am able to combine my love of both art and photography into one medium. My work offers a fresh and modern perspective on the traditional landscape. As a photographer it is  also about capturing a moment in time while keeping the sense that time has not stopped. Most of my pieces have been described as “making you feel like you were there.” It is important to me to have some emotional element to the work.

Why do you think it is important to share you work with others?

AP- My work is a part of my soul that needs to be fully expressed. I don’t think about what I want to create when I take the photograph or even when I sit down to at the computer. I have no agenda.  I take thousands of photographs at a time and there is the process of looking at the images in a way where I say to myself, “is there something here?” Many times it is a “bad” photograph in the sense of exposure or focus, but I don’t look at those things. I look at an image for the positive and negative space, for the feeling. That image becomes my canvas to which I will create something unique. It is that part of creating that is sometimes like a mediation. There is something in me that comes through the work I want the world to experience.

What is your favorite piece you have done?

AP- I am also a portrait photographer and I am always asked which do I like better, art or portraits so I will give the same answer I give for that. I love the both or in this case, I love them all equally but differently. Each time I create a new piece of work it is my favorite so,  they are all my favorites. Some just speak to me in different ways depending on my mood. Some are more modern than others and some more romantic, it all depends. What I love the most is when people love my pieces, when my art  brings joy to others.

How did you start making art?

AP- I started making photo art when my husband bought me my first Digital SLR camera. We split our time between NYC and Sag Harbor and the landscape is so beautiful here it is hard not to photograph it. Once I started to play around on my computer and saw the possibilities of what could be done I discovered the artist in me that had been hiding for so long. It was like being unleashed to be creative. I am a self taught photographer and have little photoshop training so there is a lot of trial and error. There is no right way to do anything so for me, my computer is my paint brush and my canvas is the photograph and the possibilities are endless.

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