Where is My Furniture? Updates from the High Point International Home Furnishings Market: New Finds and Supply Chain Challenges

I returned from a jam-packed trip to High Point, North Carolina, where I attended the High Point International Home Furnishings Market a month ago. It’s the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world!

I’m full of inspiration and  can’t wait to get all the goodies I found stocked in the store. A few highlights are these beautiful organic accent pillows from Anaya Home. They’re the perfect embodiment of modern sustainable design. The pillows are crafted from recycled denim and wool, and the handmade style lends itself beautifully to an eclectic coastal aesthetic.

I was also struck by these recycled glass vases from EtúHome. Each one is mouth blown by European artisans in colorways that would be perfect in any coastal retreat. We just got our shipment in of these and they’re even more beautiful in person. Perfect for summer flowers!

I’m eagerly awaiting the delivery of many more of my new finds. I know each and every vendor is working hard to fulfill orders, but there are some challenges with the supply chain this year.

I got the chance to find out a little more about what’s happening, and why orders have been delayed and thought it would be helpful for you to know why anything you may have ordered from anyone in the home furnishings industry is taking so long.

Overall, there’s been a 40%-90% increase in orders in the home furnishings industry! Demand for remodels and new home construction is up, and this is affecting the interior design world.

Our vendors have struggled to keep up with this demand due to a shortage of skilled artisans and craftspeople. These unique, high-quality, made-to-order goods require a skilled workforce, and it takes time to adequately train new hires. This is the main reason for the longer lead times with new orders.

The storms this Spring in Texas have also affected upholstery lead times. The foam for cushion inserts is made from petroleum by-products, and the supply was affected by the long shut down in Texas during and after the storms. This is just one example of issues with raw materials shortages that go into making home furnishings. You may also experience delays in appliances due to shortages of raw materials, too! Unfortunately, it’s not just furnishings that are delayed…

Currently we’re seeing longer lead times for upholstery than for case goods such as dining tables and nightstands. Typical time frames are 12 to 20 weeks for upholstery and 10 to 12 weeks for case goods across all of our made-to-order vendors.

Many of our vendors are acquiring additional factories to speed up production, as well as hiring as fast as is possible, training artisans to meet their standards. And most of the vendors I spoke with skipped the week long 4th of July holiday break and worked through it to fulfill orders.

Vendors have been increasing their communication on what’s in stock as a more readily available offering to made-to-order home furnishings and accessories.

We communicate with our vendors weekly to get updates on existing orders and information on any extended lead-times. We know the excitement and anticipation that builds when you’re eager to see your coastal retreat come to life! And how frustrating long lead times can be. We anticipate that the situation will improve slowly over the next several months, and are hopeful for a gradual return to normal.

Despite current challenges, there’s still no better time than the present to create the unique coastal retreat of your dreams. Schedule your free Discovery Call today to discuss our services! We can help you get ready now for a great 2022. (Wow, how time flies…)

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