Healthy Hamptons Beach House Style

If you’re looking for some Hamptons coastal style for your home, here is some inspiration.

East Hampton Summer Cottage by Chango & Co.
East Hampton Summer Cottage by Chango & Co.
Outindesign bedroom with reclaimed floors
OutInDesign coastal bedroom with reclaimed wood floors
vanguard 2015 look book
Coastal blues by Vanguard Furniture, founding member of Sustainable Furnishings Council.
living-room-gas-fireplace outinbox
Some more Vintage Coastal Charm from OutInDesign
Slider Miller guest
One of own projects: Southampton Coastal Guest Room
Slider Miller foyer
The foyer of the same Southampton project we did a few years back.


And , if you want to make your Hampton beach house style home a healthy one, too consider this quote from a recent invitation I received from the Sustainable Furnishings Council for a progressive lucnh tour at the New York Design Center, “Gone are the days when sustainable furnishings screamed earthy. Today, the style statement for an eco-friendly, healthy home is all about quality furnishings with beautiful aesthetics.” So you can have your Hamptons coastal look and create a healthy environment in your home, too.

Look for high quality, hand-crafted pieces that will last generations. Afterall, you’ld want that beach house to be something your children, grandkids, and grandkid’s grandkids will enjoy for years to come. That’s part of the point of sustainable living, living in the present while not compromising the future for the next generation.

Consider reclaimed materials for floors, beams, and furniture. You can see how they were used in several of the projects above. This preserves our resources, but also brings elements of nature into our homes and add to a healthy atmosphere.

There are so many ways to add coastal accents with items made of renewable resources. Nothing says Hamptons beah house like a sisal or jute rug or rattan pendant or woven grass shades.

Make sure the finishes on your floors, the paint on your walls, and the finish of your furniture is low VOC (volatile organic compounds). You don’t want oil based finishes creating poor indoor air quality and creating breathing problems for you and yours.

Go organic. Growing crops like cotton and the processing of fabrics is very chemically intensive and bringingthose chemicals into your home isn’t very healthy. There are so many options in organic bedding and towels these days. Pom Pom at Home is one of our favorites. We’ve used their organic linen on many projects, but you can also find organic linens at some of the big brands like West Elm.

I could go on and on, but I’ll save it for future blog posts on the topic of healthy, green homes. For today, I hope I gave you a little inspiration and showed you how easy it can be to get a healthy Hamptons beach house style for your home.

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