Happy Mother’s Day

home-made Mother's Day card courtesy marthastewart.com

This post is to “Thank you ” to all the Mom’s this Mother’s Day. I am sharing my ideal Mother’s Day with you with the hopes that you all get to celebrate it in the way you deserve.

Bedroom by Tom Stringer, House Beautiful
Bedroom by Carlyn Espley-Miller, House Beautiful Magazine

I would love to spend the morning in bed in either of these surroundings. I imagine a little sleep in. (past 7:30am would be great!) My son and daughter whispering as they come in to gently wake me. Aaahhh…a nice peaceful start to the day.

Basic pankcakes, image courtesy Martha Stewart magazine

Then, we can have our usual Sunday pancake breakfast. I love Martha Stewart’s basic pancake recipe. I usually use half whole wheat and half white flour. We sneak in a little healthiness, but don’t tell my kids!

paper cherry blossoms, Martha Stewart

After breakfast, I would love to spend some quality time with the kids making the above arrangement. What a nice permanent display of flowers! Here’s the directions.

My mom's favorite!

It would really be great if I could visit my own mother this Mother’s Day as she’s a mere 9 hour drive away! I would love to bring her a dozen yellow roses, her favorite.

Mom's favorite dessert

If I could visit, I would also bring some home-made lemon meringue pie. This has always been my  mom’s favorite dessert and has become one of mine, too. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Wish we could spend it together…

LOL, Shannon