Fermob Outdoor Lounge: What’s New?

As I said in one of my last posts, I’ve carried Fermob outdoor furniture since 2000, the first year it was distributed in the US. Needless to say I’m a fan. With the array of color and style (24 to choose from), you cannot go wrong with the line whether you like traditional or contemporary. At my recent training in Sonoma County, I learned some new things that I thought I would share.

No.1      2014 will be the 125th year that they have been making the bistro chair! If you ever stop by my shop, you’ll probably hear one of us say “Ah, Fermob, is a fabulous company. They have been making the bistro chair since 1889.” It’s just one of those incredible facts that shows how timeless this classic is. However, I’ve never mentioned (probably because I didn’t remember it) that the chair was designed because at that time in France, the merchants were taxed for anything they left on the side walk. That’s when ingenuity kicked in and the bistro chair was designed to be folded and brought in. Brilliant! Be sure to follow us to learn how we’ll celebrate this 125th Anniversary.

Fermob Bistro chair with cushion
Fermob Bistro chair with cushion

No.2      Fermob was awarded the ISO 14001 Certification for sustainability in March of 2010. This is a certification which awards 20 years of commitment to sustainable development. There is NO manufacturer in the US that meets the same standards at this time. I’ll do another post with all the details on Fermob’s commitment to the environment.   

Fermob stands by their words
Fermob stands by their words


No.3      Many new products will be available. Our favorite chair after the bistro chair, Dune, is now available in a fabulous new stripe! Ours will be arriving in Spring of 2014, but feel free to contact me now if you want to get your order in. They’ve also added the following for 2014. Caractere Table, Ellipse Armchair, Latiitude Sunlounger, Bellevie Chair, Surprising Table, and a smaller Costa table. All of these work back to existing collections. Then you have the Osmose, and the Kintbury table and chairs designed by Sir Terence Conran.

Some of the pieces for 2014
Some of the pieces for 2014


No.4      There are two new colors replacing two oldies, but goodies. Honey and Capucine (nastursium)

two new Fermob colors revealed in Healdsburg
two new Fermob colors revealed in Healdsburg

I know it’s early but I can’t wait for spring so we can put the new display together! Which piece would you choose? I’d love to know. Maybe we’ll get it in for Spring.

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