Fermob Outdoor Lounge Furniture & the H2Hotel: Part One

As a retail partner and oen of the first retailers in the US to carry Fermob outdoor lounge, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a training event  in Healdsburg, CA (Sonoma County).  Fermob USA hosted the event at the H2Hotel which was an amazing place to stay.What a lucky girl I am!

h2hotel balconies

I’ll talk more about Fermob in my next post, but this post is all about the H2Hotel. With my niche being eco-friendly interiors, staying there was an enormous inspiration. This hotel is LEED NC 2.2 Gold Certified which means it meets some of the highest standards of sustainable building.

From the water heated by solar roof panels (including the salt water pool) to the living roof which filters rain water reducing input into the town drainage and the heat given off by the hotel to the Eco Space elevator which uses 60% less electricity than a standard elevator and requires NO OIL this hotel has infused sustainable solutions into its design, operations, and attitude.

hotel room collage
My Room at the H2Hotel

I would also have loved to share some photos of the incredible dinner at the hotels’ restaurant, Spoon Bar, but I was enjoying my fellow retailers and the food too much to stop and take photos. Suffice it to say it is a farm to table restaurant using local, in season produce and everything was delicious! I did get a few shots of the restaurant and breakfast that I wanted to share.

note* the outside showcases a water fountain made of old tea spoons that the water trickles down through!
note* the outside showcases a water fountain made of old tea spoons that the water trickles down through!
A delightful breakfast.
A delightful breakfast.


Headed to Sonoma County? Definitely check out the H2Hotel and the Spoon Bar inside You will not be disappointed.

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