Design Tip: Hydrangeas in the Home

Freeze dried hydrangea

Here in the Hamptons, hydrangeas are a main feature of many landscapes. They are almost as popular as privet hedges, but hydrangeas also can be used as an excellent accent in interior design. Below is a little inspiration as to how you can use hydrangeas to add a beautiful accent to almost any room in your home.

Hydrangeas in the Entryway via Pinterest
Hydrangeas make a lovely addition to an entry way to greet guests. Image via Pinterest


Vibrant blue Hydrangeas add the perfect pop of color to the coffee table in this living room.
Vibrant blue Hydrangeas add the perfect pop of color to the coffee table in this living room. Image via Southern Living


Hydrangeas at the kitchen table via House of Turquoise
Another vibrant blue hydrangea arrangement is the perfect addition to this dining room. The contrast of the blue against the crisp white walls and linens makes the room so pretty. Image via House of Turquoise
Hydrangeas in a contemporary setting
I think this arrangement is a stunning example of hydrangeas in a contemporary setting. They really add drama to the space. Source
Hydrangeas in the bathroom via coastal living
You an even incorporate hydrangeas into a bathroom or powder room where they will soften the often cold feeling of tile and metal finishes.
Hydrangeas as a wall accent via etsy
I also had to add this lovely accent with hydrangeas. In a rustic home these little sconces from Etsy would be a perfect addition.

Hydrangeas are part of the outdoor landscape here where I live. Bring hydrangeas inside and you’ll be bringing in the beauty of nature. Incorporating natural elements into our homes helps keep us connected to nature, yet beautifies our interior spaces. Of course, you can do this with many other flowers, but few alternatives capture the coastal lifestyle like hydrangeas do.

Do you incorporate flowers into you home decor? If so, which are your favorites? Please share your comments. I’d love to hear from you.