Creating the Coastal Look with Blue, White, and Beige

A recent vignette in our shop

There are many color schemes you can use to create the coastal look in your home, but one classic color combination is blue, white and beige. In the photo above, beige serves a neutral background while deep blue tones contrast with crisp white.

I recently finished the oak chest in the photo above using some of the Amy Howard at Home products we carry in the shop. I really wanted to have color, not the grey wash or bleached look that we currently see everywhere. (Don’t get me wrong, I still love the white and grey tones, too. I just wanted to add something a bit different for our shop). I admit, I also wanted to experiment with the Amy Howard at Home stencil creme that we received a short while ago. I tested it on a buying trip in Atlanta in January and thought the three drawer chest would be a perfect place to add the detail. The stencil creme is white, and I wanted a nice contrast for it so I used Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Arbor Coat to stain the oak and then used the rest of the Amy Howard at Home products below.

blue oak finish materials
Materials used to create the blue limed aok and raised stencil detail on the chest
2015-08-15 10.41.54
Close-up of the blue limed oak chest with raised stencil detail
2015-08-15 10.42.22
Close-up detail of the blue limed oak
2015-08-15 10.43.21
Front view of the blue limed oak chest with raised stencil detail

Below are some of the pieces that anyone could add to their home to create a classic coastal look. Closkwise from the top right is a great Indigo shell print by Studio Artique. The silver frame is crisp and modern. The pure white turtle shell replicas on an acrylic base are by Regina Andrew. The pure white is always a contrast to any other color. The Brooks Chiar by Vanguard Furniture is a favorite of mine and is sadly now discontinued, but you can get the classic coastal look with any chair with clean, clasic lines and a linen striped fabric. As I write this, we do have the one shown in the shop, but when it’s sold I will likely replace it with a chair of similar proportions. This size and style are great in a bedroom or as a pair in a living room. Also, in the collage is a simple washed would lamp, but the texture and color of the Petite Paro table lamp by Jamie Young are a great addition to any room.

blue white beige
classic coastal collage with blue, beige, and white
benjamin moore hale navy wimply white manchester tan
Blue, white, and beige color scheme with Benjamin Moore colors

The color scheme above in Benjamin Moore painted is classic for any interior design style, but I love it for creating a classic coastal look. What about you? Have you used these colors in your home? Would you use these colors or do prefer a lighter blue? Do you like the contrast? Let me know. I would love to hear from you.

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