Before and After Painted Projects: Re-purposed table

One of the other painting projects I recently tackled was this long table. The table was a great find one of my design client’s made. We’d decided a long table would be perfect along this wall to hold all the family photos. We were considering having a table custom made, but lo and behold my client found this table at a consignment shop two doors down the street. While the existing finish worked with the color in the painting it was a bit two green for the blue and cream color scheme in the rest of the room (photos to follow in a later post).

It took a bit of sanding, then I applied a layer of deep blue on the top, followed by a layer of white. For the base a left a bit of the green behind and painted a layer of neutral white. I wanted to have both the crisp white and the off-white which are both in the room.

This room is almost complete and I hope to post the design photos soon. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

All the best, Shannon