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Sustainable Style: Easy Changes that are Healthy for You, Your Family, and the Planet

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the wild events of the past year and the fact that I’ve had my Southampton interior design business for over 20 years! So much has happened since I first started my business, but one thing hasn’t changed: my commitment to beautiful design with sustainability in mind. Why sustainability? I believe…

Top 10 Last Minute Coastal Christmas Gifts
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Top 10 Last Minute Coastal Christmas Gifts

Listening to the news this morning, I heard that yesterday (Super Saturday) is the biggest shopping day of the year because it’s the last Saturday before Christmas. If you haven’t yet found that special gift for the lover of the coastal lifestyle on your list, take a look at my top 10 Coastal Christmas Gifts….

The Lastest Coastal Design Movement: Eclectic Coastal
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The Lastest Coastal Design Movement: Eclectic Coastal

Today’s post is the last in my series of five posts featuring different types of coastal style. Honestly, I can’t believe 5 weeks have gone by since my first post in this series, and New York State remains in “Pause “, and only portions of the country are starting to recover from the Corona virus…

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What You Need to Create a Coastal Modern Retreat

This week’s post is a continuation of my series on coastal style interiors. Today I’m showing you the elements you need to create a modern coastal style for your home. I started my series a few weeks ago with traditional coastal style. Then, last week I shared the three elements of the style “in-between” traditional…

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The Three Elements of Transitional Coastal Style

Today I’m sharing the second installment in my series on finding your coastal style. Currently, this is the style my clients lean toward the most, and I think it’s because, as the name says, it is a transition from a much more traditional coastal style. When I first started interior design 20 years ago, clients…