What is Sea Green Designs?

Sea Green Designs is a boutique home furnishings store and interior design business. The home furnishings and accessories you’ll find in our Southampton store and our website are inspired by the coast and hand-picked for their elements of sustainability. Many pieces are available in custom sizes, finishes, and/or fabrics.


We believe that the home is the core of personal happiness and success. The choices we make about what we finish and furnish our homes with can impact our success, our health, our happiness, and the planet. Our approach to home design is to create for you a beautiful space that is focused on beauty and health. The health of your family, the health of your relationships, and the health of the environment.


Our goal is to change the world, one home at a time. The only footprint we want you to leave are the ones you leave in the sand.

To do that, we source products that are eco-friendly, meaning they meet the one or more of the following criteria:

-long lasting, high quality
-made locally, hand-crafted, made in the USA
-use eco-friendly materials i.e. renewable, recycled, or repurposed resources
-use organic materials, soy-based foams, low VOC finishes
-support social equity, fair-trade, Goodweave, etc.

We also offer workshops to teach you how to “rescue, restore, redecorate”© with Amy Howard at Home paints and products so that you can give new life to existing pieces.

Follow our blog, shop online, sign-up for a workshop, be-inspired or contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.

Meet the Designer

Shannon Willey, Designer & Owner

Hi, I’m Shannon.

I’ve been designing seaside-inspired interiors for homes like yours since 2000. I live here in Southampton with my husband and two kids and count myself endlessly lucky to live so close to my muse – the sea and her many beautiful beaches.

Living so close to natural beauty, I allow it to inspire me in the designs I invent. That’s why every project is infused with sustainability – from the design and construction material to the seagrass pendant light hanging in your breakfast nook. It’s our duty to be good stewards of the earth and I love incorporating and educating my clients on how to do this within their homes to create a healthier household.

The choices we make with what we finish and furnish our homes with can impact our health, our success, our happiness, and our planet. I pride myself on offering a seamless, stress-free, eco-friendly coastal design process that will provide a foundation of health and serve as the hub of your family memories for years to come.

I can’t wait to get started on creating your coastal haven